Before reaching our little island, you’ll have to pass through Tahiti.

All international flights to French Polynesia land at Tahiti’s Faa’a airport. (

Air Tahiti Nui company ( covers the main destinations, or consult our Tahiti guide for details of other airline options.

Air France is the second airline to operate flights from LAX and Paris to Papeete. ( United and French Bee will soon be offering flights from Paris and San Francisco.

From Tahiti, it’s a 40-minute direct flight to the island of Raiatea, just south of Tahaa, which hosts the airport for both islands.

The national company Air Tahiti ( offers regular daily flights and stopovers en route to other islands; you can also fly direct from Bora Bora (20 minutes).


INTER-ILES flights from Tahiti to Raiatea/Tahaa.

Air Tahiti offers six to ten daily flights between 6.00 am and 7.30 pm.

Several flights a day on Air Tahiti connect Raiatea with the other islands and vice versa: Bora Bora (20min), Papeete (45min) and Huahine (25min).

To make your reservation, visit the Air Tahiti website at the following address :

Please check our boat transfer timetable before booking your flight.


Boat trip from Raiatea airport to Vahine Island.

Round trip RAIATEA – VAHINE ISLAND – 11 660 XPF per Person

The hotel organizes a shared shuttle service to pick you up at Raiatea airport, if you provide your flight details (schedule & VT number); the captain will meet you on arrival and escort you to the boat, a two-minute walk away.

Just look for the Vahine Island welcome board.

The drive to Vahine is 10 kilometers, or around 45 minutes weather conditions permitting.

For your safety and comfort, the hotel does not operate evening and night transfers across the lagoon, so be sure to choose daylight flights.

You should arrive at Raiatea airport between 8:00am and 3:00pm.

Departures from Raiatea airport must be between 10:00am and 5.00pm with departure from Vahine Island 2 hours before your inter-island flight.

For flights outside these times, you may need to spend a night in Raiatea (Vahine can advise you on local hotels or contact them before booking your ticket to discuss your travel plans) or book a private boat transfer in advance.



ONE-WAY BORA BORA BASE – VAHINE ISLAND – 220,000 XPF for up to 5 people

ONE-WAY BORA BORA HOTELS – VAHINE ISLAND – 272,000 XPF for up to 5 people

A helicopter transfer from Bora Bora is available, taking around 15 minutes and giving you the chance to fly over the lagoon and enjoy breathtaking views of Bora Bora, Tahaa and the surrounding motus.



If you’re staying at Le Tahaa hotel during your stay, whether you’re coming to stay with us or going to stay with us, there are 3 options available to you:

  • Meet us at Raiatea airport, and we’ll pick you up from there. Unfortunately, this option means you’ll lose time in terms of round-trip time: 45 min one way and 45 min return.
  • Transfer by boat + car to Tahaa, take the Tahaa shuttle to the Tapuamu pier, then take a car cab to the Raai pier, where we’ll pick you up and take you to our hotel, a 15-minute boat ride away.
  • Transfer by private boat from Le Tahaa to Vahine Isalnd, a 30-minute boat ride. The taxiboat will pick you up at Le Tahaa’s pontoon and drop you off directly at our hotel’s dock (or vice versa), allowing you to enjoy a sublime ride on the lagoon and admire the various motus that surround us.

For all bookings, it’s best to contact one of our local partners, who will organize your trip in the best possible way, from air and boat transfers to the activities you’d like to do during your stay. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.