Enhanced with local and homemade specialties and ingredients, our American breakfast is perfect to start your day by relaxing with a view over the turquoise lagoon.

Breakfast is served from 7:30am to 9:30am.

What can you have for your personalised breakfast:

Sweet lovers:

Vanilla yogurt
Coconut and fruit jams
Tahaa’s honey
Selection of cereals
Fresh bread and coconut bread
French crepes or pancakes
French toasts

Salt lovers:

Omelets and any other style of eggs
Selection of ham and cheese


“Palais des Thés” selection
Fresh tropical fruits and juices

Do you already know our famous homemade Vanilla Yogurt?

This recipe is absolutely the highlight of our breakfast and is the most requested by our usual guests.
Feel free to try it and share your result with us and Instagram with #vahinevanillayogurt !


Every morning, enjoy Moea’s delicious homemade Vanilla yogurt!
We are pleased to share with you her traditional recipe…

Ingredients for 10 yogurts: 

  • 1 litre of semi skimmed milk
  • 40 gr of milk powder
  • 25 gr of powder sugar
  • 1 vanilla bean (peel the skin off to use the seeds inside) or 2 gr of vanilla powder
  • 1.5 gr of yogurt ferment


  • Mix all the ingredients together;
  • Fill up the yogurt pots and put them in a large and high saucepan;
  • Boil 2 litres of water;
  • Gently pour the water in the saucepan until it reaches the top of the yogurt pot without spilling over onto the preparation.
  • Wrap the whole saucepan with a plastic wrap until it becomes totally hermetic and put a  lid on.
  • Wait for 6 hours, allowing the yogurts to cook and then put them in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

Time to enjoy your delicious homemade yogurt!